About Us

The Ryan Academy of Irish Dance is a new and exciting dance school located on the Upper North Shore of Sydney. Our focus is for every child to reach their full potential. Through a holistic approach to learning, our students are exposed to the competitive, physical and social benefits of Irish Dance. 


We are a family run school, with family ideals and objectives. We offer Irish dance in a safe, nurturing environment, with unconditional support for dancers and their families alike.


We are proud of our Irish Heritage and an important objective of the school is to take our Irish culture to the wider community.  


One of the great benefits of Irish dancing is the social scene - the camaraderie between dancers and teachers; the life-long friendships, travel to competition - intrastate, interstate and international; the common bond of love of

dancing, and the knowledge that so many people appreciate each performance.   


Be the one that jumps a little higher